looking for good audio repair in Philly area

I have a Luxman 480 that needs servicing. I live in  philadelphia.  Can anyone recommend a quality technician for myself and a friend with high end equipment?

I also live in the Philly area and have the same concern, ... but thankfully, not right now.  I own ARC tube gear and am interested in knowing about really good techs too.  Some of my ARC gear is still under factory warranty.  Shipping heavy and bulky gear back to the factory is a last resort.

So, I called ARC a while back and was directed to Brandywine Electronics, located in Bear, DE.  That is about 40 miles and a 50 minute drive from where I live.  ARC told me that Brandywine is an approved ARC service center.  Here is their website:   BEL.com

Some caveats and suggestions:

(1) I have not used Brandywine yet, so I cannot give a personal endorsement.  But if ARC recommends them as an authorized service center, that says a lot. 

(2) That said, I checked their website for a list of products they repair.  I did not see the ARC or Luxman brands listed.  Uuuhhm.  If it was me, I would double check with ARC to make sure they are indeed an ARC authorized service center.

(3) Bottom line:  Brandywine might be a Luxman authorized service center.  If it were me, I would call Luxman and see if they know Brandywine.  Even better, Luxman may suggest a tech in our area.  I would prefer to take my gear to a factory authorized tech if at all possible, and I assume you would too.


I will follow this thread because I have the same problem.  My ARC amp is out of warranty and if the amp blows a bias resister, it is a simple repair job that does not require a trip to the factory or a 40 mile/50 minute schlepp to Bear, DE. 


Good luck and Happy New Year

since the luxman required only simple repair of a common problem with switches, I took to local repair center in Cherry Hill. It's a small one man shop with older experienced owner. You might want to give him a call. http://www.audiotronicsnj.com/tv-n-audiovideo