Looking for good match to Cayin TA-30

I'm looking for recommendations on a good speaker to match my tube Cayin TA-30 integrated. Looking around $1000 used. My room will be fairly small, say 12x12

It's hard for me to demo/hear speakers living in Albuquerque since the audio scene here sucks. I've been thinking about a pair of Vienna Acoustic Bach Grands. Maybe I could take a drive to Denver or Phoenix, I'm sure there's plenty of dealers for non typical brands there.

Would love to research some recommendations. Thanks.
I have the Cayin TA-30. I recently picked a pair of Sonus Faber Toy monitors that I'm enjoying with this integrated. I have it in a 12x14 room and I rarely go about the 9 o'clock mark on the volume control (3rd notch from Min). While it seems to pressurize the room quite well, I believe a sub-woofer would do better justice to the speakers.
In a room that size I'd recommend the Tekton Design Lore-S speakers. In my 12'x14' room they sound outrageously musical with my 40watt/channel QuickSilver GLA tube amp. I'm sure your Cayin would work great with them. Read the reviews! Also, take a peek at my virtual system here on A-gon.

Happy New Gear!
Guess I’m curious as to why you would even consider Bach Grands with the TA-30. Recommended power is 50-300 into a 4 ohm load. Sounds like the speaker needs high current SS, or much higher tube power than the TA-30. Will it play with some volume in the room, yes, but likely to be lifeless with very little dynamic range. Tekton or ZU would be a much better match for the TA=30.
I previously owned a TA-30 and paired it with Totem Arros in a 12'x14' room. Another option would be one of the monitors from the Opera line, such as the Mezza.