Looking for good quality vintage speakers

Anyone know anything about DCM KX-10s...I keep looking on craigslist for some old vintage speakers...I just don't know what to get...there's so many on there.

Old Infinity Q series of the late '70's can compete with some of todays. Excellent dynamics too. I remember they were very affordable back then, they had the Emit tweeters.
I am not sure what you are looking for or what price range you are in. But there are companies that make new "vintage" speakers. Tannoy and Klipsch are two that I like. Old Klipsch are forward and very dynamic and Tannoy are smooth, laid back (still detailed). The Tannoys have newer technology in them like "Dual Concentric" drivers to help with phase and time alinement.

Here is a link to Tannoy's site.

I'm with the others....I'm not sure why you want what you want. If you're thinking you'll get more bang for your buck, that's probably not true since new efficiencies in manufacture mean that many moderately priced speakers of today can outperform top-range models of yesteryear.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for a "vintage sound" --well, I guess there are a lot of options ranging from wall-of-sound Bose 901 to British classics from Spendor and KEF and the like all the way to Klipsch Cornwalls and Hereseys and so on.

If memory serves, the DCM KX-10 was a "party speaker" -- a high efficiency bookshelf that pumped out lots of volume, sort of like Cerwin Vega stuff. I'd skip it if you're looking for audiophile grade reproduction.

If high efficiency is what you want, a couple hundred bucks will easily buy some used Klipsch monitors of very recent vintage. If efficiency is not such an issue, two hundred will also get you some very desirable stuff like B&W DM302, PSB Alpha B and countless other similar speakers from Epos, Energy, Mission, Wharfedale, etc.
Thanks for the responses guys...I'm just getting into this whole thing and was given an old Denon PMA-770...that's what I'm trying to find speakers for...a guy from a local record shop told me he had some old Snells that would pair well with it...I guess I'm just trying to see what other people think before I throw down a few hundred dollars...I'm a poor college kid...as for music...I mostly listen to Indie and Classic Rock and a little bit of Hip Hop...this is my first system I'm putting together and I really appreciate the help!

No no no. See if you can find a pair of Harbeth's. You could keep those for quite a while.....