Looking for good quality vintage speakers

Anyone know anything about DCM KX-10s...I keep looking on craigslist for some old vintage speakers...I just don't know what to get...there's so many on there.

agree with squirrel....lots of great neutral vintage speakers out there...
Snell Type K would be a good match and easy to find on Ebay around $200.
I agree with the Advent recomendation as well, although they may be a little large for your room.
For FREE? I'd take Microjack up on his offer. Those Cambridge Ensemble systems were pretty good. Enjoy the system you have now while you save up for something better.

BTW -- I just checked around and The Stereo Trading Outlet has brand new Mission M31i bookshelf speakers for $139.95 a pair. Mission is a great sonic match with Denon amplification. I owned the M31 and it's quite good, especially for around $160 shipped.
If I'm not mistaken(wouldn't be the first time if I was): Weren't those Cambridge systems designed by Henry Kloss? You could do a whole lot worse than a free system from one of the better, old-time designers. They won't compare with an original condition pair of Dahlquist DQM-9's, but those are hard to find that haven't been butchered.
These are Henry Kloss speakers. As usual, he was ahead of the curve. He started Cambridge Soundworks as a factory-direct operation back in the 1980s. Must've seen the internet revolution on its way.