Looking for good recordings of female vocals I have not yet tried...

Most of my listeing is female vocals and classic Jazz.  I have enjoyed current and older female singers.  I have most of Billie Holiday through current Diana Krall and Julia Fordham.  I enjoy good voices mainly acoustic.  It would be helpful if it is music I can sample online.  If the backing is mainly loud elctronic I would likely pass.  Thanks for your thoughts and experience. 


Barb Jungr (esp. her Dylan albums)

Maura O’Connell

Betty Levette


+1 Margo Timmins / Cowboy Junkies 

2nd Nora Jones, any of the earlier Linda Ronstadt when she was in the country folk phase, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Carly Simon, or just open Tidal and search Female Voices....25 different playlist popped it many different formats...

I am going to mention some artists, already listed.

Diana Krall

Eva Cassidy

Natalie Merchant

Alison Krause

Aretha Franklin

Rachel Price

Norah Jones

Alisa Amador

Bonnie Raitt


Gillian Welch

Roberta Flack

All these singers sound best on MQA playback and albums found on Tidal.