Looking for good recordings of female vocals I have not yet tried...

Most of my listeing is female vocals and classic Jazz.  I have enjoyed current and older female singers.  I have most of Billie Holiday through current Diana Krall and Julia Fordham.  I enjoy good voices mainly acoustic.  It would be helpful if it is music I can sample online.  If the backing is mainly loud elctronic I would likely pass.  Thanks for your thoughts and experience. 


I also like Jacintha's Here's to Ben album nicely produced by Groove Note.  Attached below is a sample cut -- Georgia on My Mind.


Shirey Horn

Norma Winston

Less mainstream:

Areni Agbabian

Cymin Samawatie

Elina Duni

Yeahwon Shin


3 ECM  label extraordinary female voices

Susanne Abbuehl     Swiss Jazz singer 

Sabina Yannatou.   Greek  Folk singer

Amina Alaoui. Moroccan Arabic-Andalusia traditional singer


Other labels 

Amira Medunjanin   Bosnian Jazz and fantastic Sevdah singer

Bévinda        French/Portuguese great Fado singer

Silvia Pérez Cruz     Spanish unique Flamenco fusion singer

Youn Sun Nah    Korean Jazz singer

Michelle Gurevich.      Canadian brilliant singer/sonwriter

if you like World Music you want to discover  GloBeat

I hope you enjoy some these wonderful female singers

Joe Gueron



Jacqui Naylor, Lisa Dillan, Janis Ian, Muse, Rita Lee, Jacintha, Zoe Fitz Gerald Carter, Joycelyn Scofield, Gabi Hartmann, Renee Dominique, Lady Blackbird, Karen Souza, Clare Teal, Jnae, Jane Morgan, Salena Jones. Some of these may only have one or two really good songs but I included them because they hit at least one song out of the park.... Like Rebecca Pidgeon, every song of hers can't be a Spanish Harlem. If you aren't sure why they were included give me their name and I will give you at least one song to look at.