Looking for high power warming sounding tube amps

Right now running bottlehead moreplay into pass x350.8. Speakers are ns5000. The sound is great but my buddy let me borrow cj lp140ms and the mid range magic these amps brought was amazing. The pass had better bass and maybe detail. 

I wanted to see if I could get tube amps that had pass bass with romance of cj. I tried prima luna evo 300 but it was a step down from cj in terms soundstage and tone. 


I'm guessing I need more power.. maybe at least 100 wpc. Any recommendations looking to spend less than $7k.


I have VAC signature 200 IQ monoblocks with KT150's.  It can be run in stereo with 100 wpc. This should be close to your price point.  When I purchased these 5-6 years ago, I did a side by side comparison with what I recall was a Pass 350.   With the KT 120's, they were close.  The VAC with the KT 150's have it all and blew the Pass away by a long shot.  Now this is to my tastes.   Big bass, sweet mids and great soundstage.  More lush than analytical with no ear fatigue.  Plus, if you decide to go bigger, just add another as a monoblock.  They drive my Magico S7's wonderfully.  Happy hunting.

@orthomead  I didn't know that one could just drop in a KT150 quartet in at all or with modification.  The amp is rated 100 watts per side with a quartet of KT88s (which VAC claims they achieve tapping 3 tube elements instead of just the plate and filaments)

KT150 should provide at least 100 watts per side and probably much more with VACs 3 sided tube power.  

Do VAC amps tubes burn up quicker using getting max power out of them?