Looking for Integrated Amp for Dynaudio 1.3 MkII's

Have read some comments that these speakers need power to deliver their best. Currently I have them hooked up to a NAD C320BEE Integrated Amplifier. Not sure if the NAD has the power to get the most out of the speakers. Any suggestions on an integrated amp that would go well with the 1.3 Mkii's? Is the NAD C320BEE underpowered? Thanks in advance.
Don't know about the NAD but the Naim XS w/HiCap really made my C1's sing. Great match up. Supernait is also great.
That being said I came extremely close to getting the supernait but then I heard the Octave V70SE tube integrated and that's what I bought. Not sure what your budget is.
Good Luck
Yes, they like lots of SS juice.

Icepower works well with these Dyns.

The Wyred integrated is where I would probably look as well.
Right now I'm using a VTL IT-85 integrated with my Dyn Special 25's. It sounds surprisingly good and drives them well. I have tried various solid state - Classe', Luxman, but really prefer tubes...