Looking for... Integrated tube amp with phono

Looking for an integrated tube amp (or hybrid) in the $4-7k range. Preferably used. (Actually, there’s almost no way I’d get what I wanted new.)

Must haves:

            -PHONO built in (yes, I know I can do “better” with separates, but that’s not what I want this time).

            -At least 70WPC (my speakers are not too efficient at 88db).

            -REMOTE… doesn’t need to have 50 functions, but needs to control volume.

            -Tape Monitor or some way to connect an EQ (not needed if it has tone controls)


Nice to have:

            -Headphone jack. (I have no headphone amp atm.)

            -DAC (I have a Bluesound Node 2i; I never use it, but never I might.)

            -Tone Controls (I’m no purist, and at low listening levels I need to increase the bass)

            -MC cartridge capability


Current list:

            -Mcintiosh MA352 – tons of power (for future speakers?), but no MC option and the phono stage is transistor. Tone controls! Easy to re-sell.

            -VAC Sigma 170i – seems like a decent option and has a tube phono section.

            -Octave V80 – harder to find, and probably really tough to sell when I get tired of it. Phono is MM OR MC, not both.

            -Audio Research GSi75 – also hard to find, but this seems to have everything in one box.

            -Am I missing anything?


Backstory… I’m a mid-fi guy. I live in NYC (currently have neighbors below me and next to me) and will never have the luxury (or the money) to have a dedicated listening room. That means, no wall treatments, bass traps, or even a dedicated stereo rack. I rarely crank my stereo (although, I want to be able to since my main thing in life is seeing live bands… it’s pretty much the only thing I really enjoy, so I like loud music). My speakers are Ohm Walsh 3 (slightly modified) and I’ve had them much longer than anything else (10 years and 4 apartments). They aren’t perfect, but I like them (although they are a bit small for my current house). I haven’t been using my stereo much since we moved to this place but my wife has been listening to vinyl. She had a difficult time with my old TT (Music Hall MMF-7.1 with a Goldring 2400) and when the cantilever broke, I decided to get a TT that she would have an easier time with- a Denon DP-47F (from Japan). The cartridge is pretty cheap, and before I replace it, I may want to try an MC cart (probably Denon DL-301), otherwise, I’ll get a DL-110, knowing that it’s well beneath the Goldring I had.

My current amps are Conrad Johnson Classic 60SE  and PV10B (I’m using the onboard phono). I’ve had it a few years and like the sound, although I need to cheat with a Schiit Loki. I grew up with the bass and treble maxed out (‘70s and ‘80s), and I guess that’s how I like music to sound.

I’ve owned a hybrid, various tube amps, SS (Denon PMA-2500ne that I didn’t like at all) and have no issue with integrated amps. I’m also looking for convenience and simplicity.  


Please don't get me wrong, I do agree that Rogue is not in the same league as CJ, VAC, BAT, Mac, Lux and even Cary. I believe Rogue fits into a close proximity sonically, and meets a mid fi need for lower cost/high value. All the way around my Cary SLI80HS is a far better integrated than Rogue and even the Margules. Fit and finish, as well as it's overall sound quality. 

Resale funny like you are buying a car. Resale in electronics is a misnomer, you will not even recover 50%. It is like buying a mobil home as a real estate investment. Buy what you like and when it is time to upgrade, take your lumps just like you do when buying a car. Or just buy used and save yourself the anxiety over resale value.😭😭🤑🤑

Big difference in prices. Though they still fit in your budget, and list.

audionote cobra


rogue Cronus magnum 3

best luck.. 


or go the speaker route..


Devore fidelity 




they all make stand monitors which will work perfectly with tube integrated