looking for interconnect under 200 dollars

looking for interconnect that has a nice soundstage with tight bass and decent midrange for under 200 dollars. Is there one out there or is this just a crazy pipedream.
is it group think and political correctness to follow advice and well-meaning opinions ?

what are the consequences of not doing one's research and hard work ? there is no substitute for trial and error. no can tell another what he or she will like. even an audio dealer will tell you that.

the idea that following the opinions of others in a hobby as hours may not be rational.

i think random works as well as being given a list of purchase candidates selected by audiophiles. is there any evidence which disproves my hypothesis ?

for every successful example accriung from following advice, there may be a counter example.
Just want to be correct here, so, IMHO, I agree with Stingreen, try the anticables. I also agree with John but I think he is overreacting to Stingreen and IMHO, he should offer his interconnect recommendation proposed by Danovak.
Lots of good ideas here, so my post may be redundant. One factor that must be considered is your system, as some cables will sound better than others with the equipment you own (and we have no info here). I have owned and used a fairly wide range of <$200 interconnects, and among the better ones, I've found there isn't a vast amount of audible difference. Somewhat perversely, the distinctions between cables become clearer as the cost/quality of your system increases, so "budget" systems are likely to be less revealing of nuances between cables. If you buy used cables here on A-gon, or perhaps from UsedCables.com, you will be able to afford better cables. Based on personal experience, the cables I suggest you consider are: Kimber Hero; Nordost Blue Heaven and Red Dawn; BetterCable.com's Silver Serpents; Alpha-Core TQ2; Analysis Plus; and various AudioQuest models. If I were forced, however, to recommend only one interconnect in your price bracket, it would be the Kimber Hero. I have owned Kimber products since I first met Ray Kimber in the early 1980's. He puts his personal integrity behind everything he makes, and his products have always provided high value for the dollar. If you want further guidance, you might try calling The Audio Advisor and getting their opinion.
Cyclonicman, I never said that Danovak should not try Anti-cables, I just objected to Stringreen's statment of "No Question".
Anyone who has spent any time in these forums/hobby knows that synergy is everything and NOTHING is beyond question.

Some have found bliss with the Anti-cables, some have not. I envy those that find the Anti-cables the best out there, because they will save a lot of money. Just as I envy my sons who are happy listening to an ipod, they will never spend what I have on audio gear. To be happy with less expensive gear and/or cables is a blessing.

FWIW, I did offer my suggestion in my first reply, in case you missed it. You'll also note that I said "IMHO", because I've been around enough to know NOTHING is "NO QUESTION".

The half price deal here on the Antipodes Katipo is worth a look. They are true high end cables in my opinion and to get them new at $190 with worldwide courier delivery is a real bargain.