Looking for laptop Windows 10 for music only.

Morning.  Been looking through the PC section here and don't see many recent Windows PC threads.
I would like to get a new laptop PC (only) for my music.  I am currently using a Samsung Series 9 with Windows 10, updated from Windows 7.  JRiver 21 as  listening source.  My wants are specifically: Must be PC, Windows 10, backlit keyboard, HD space not that important as I use a external 2TB hard drive for storage.  It will be used only for music but this does include Tidal, Radio Paradise, etc.  The Samsung works great but I would like to keep the music system separate for convenience.
By doing a little online research it looks like almost anything will do.  I am no computer wiz kid, so simple things for my simple mind would be great.
So my questions are: 
Is there a preference for a laptop?  Or anything OK?
Processor speed;  Is Intel I7 necessary, AMD ok...?
Memory size?
How about Windows versions.  Home Edition, Pro, etc?
If anyone can advise  proper Windows 10 settings or point out a source/thread that would be cool.
Does Windows allow a user to turn off all the fluff running in the back round, or does that matter any more?

System;  USB out to Benchmark DAC2 HGC, Krell KCT Pre, Krell FPB300cx amp.  Using JRiver 21, music ripped using Apple lossless.

I can't thank you all enough for all the great information I've read and received here over the years.

Some great ideas.  As usual Al as posted an very thoughtful & informative response.  Been digging through the net hoping to enlighten myself a little further.  Once again my  mind has been douched with an onslaught of information.  Makes me want to drop the needle on some vinyl.....
Like others now I almost never spin disks as I use the computer and the awesome Benchmark DAC.  Looking forward to getting this put together.
Cheers to all,
My earlier post wasn't very detailed as I am not the most current with PC technology- I only do lots of research when I am building my new PC's- so I tend not to look at things for 4-5 years.

As Al said, and thanks for the kind words Al, getting something with the latest chip iteration is my favorite way to build.
The new Intel Skylake processors have been on my radar for a while now.

If you are only using it for music playback, even an I5 should be overkill.
8 gigs of memory should be fine, but 16 gigs is always nice. I think a Win 64 bit is the best way to go for an operating system. And, a SSD for the main drive, say 256 gb, should be more than enough for running the OS and adding programs. An external drive can slow things down, it would be better if it was a separate drive in the PC, but it should not be a problem/bottleneck if it is connected by USB 3, or the newer USBC or Thunderbolt 2.  
The Eluktronics laptops Almarg mentioned look like a very reasonably priced way to get what you need without the bother of assembly- though I assure you, once you have built a PC, you won't buy a pre-assembled one again. It is easily accomplished and rewards you with the knowledge of what makes it work.

im running i5 processor and 10 gig memory works great .get the biggest processor you can 
Does it have to be a laptop? I use a DIY 2TB 16 GB micro tower which cost $650.

I do use Xubuntu with Logitech Media Server though, so didn’t even pay for Windows. Eat that Microsoft! Hahah. :)

I could add a mega-graphics card if I wanted serious gaming too. :) I don't , but I could. :)


I really like a laptop for ease.  They are so powerful now & I can move it any place with such ease.  I even want a very small screen size.  I dig my Samsung series 9 just for that reason.  Perhaps another one is in order.  It has an SSD hard drive, it is super thin, light and reliable as a rock. Maybe I can get my IT guy at work to strip the fluff programs off it so i can run JRiver and listen to Radio Paradise & Tidal without any back round junk running.