looking for long single ended cables phono pre to

Looking for recomendations for 3.5m to 4m rca cables to connect my new Basis 2200 Signature Turntable w/Pass labs Xono phono pre to Aesthetix Calypso line stage. I am in need of "bang for the buck wire" I have Pass Labs aleph 2 monos w/Audio Physic Virgo II Speakers.
Thanks, Greg

I have a Calypso also and contemplating the Xoxo, what have you found with this combo?


DH Labs has a "Made in USA" Phono Cable called Dimension, and I really like the sound and construction.  It is very similar to their Air Matrix in that it offers ultra low resistance and is ideal for long runs.  If you want "bang for buck," there is no reason to buy from anyone else.  My dealer told me that DH is a company that has been around for 20 years and doesn't spend $10k a month advertising in Stereophile, so they can sell cables for what they are actually worth. LOL.....