Looking for more detail in a speaker

Kind of a long first post but needed the space to set up my situation. 
I decided to do something about my speaker situation after demoing a pair of B&W 805d’s. One of the tracks played was Sympathy for the Devil. At the beginning of the song, a percussion instrument, either a guiro or cabasa, just popped out at me on the left speaker. I’ve heard that song a million times but never noticed that percussion instrument coming at me like that. I came home and played the track through my system, through my streamer and turntable. My speakers are Golden Ear Triton One’s. That same presentation just isn’t there like with those 805’s.
The GET1’s are certainly decent speakers; are they not designed for this type of detailed presentation? Is it my room? My listening room is a odd shaped man attic with a 3.5’ wall on one side with an 8’ wall on the other side peaking a 9’ in the middle. My listening position is about 17’ from the speakers.  I’m sure the room is acoustically challenged. Also, I have a long speaker wire run, like 40’. Does that contribute to the lack of detail? I figured out a way to trim about 15’ of speaker wire length from each run and plan to do that ASAP. I’m using AudioQuest construction rated wire. I believe they’re 14 gauge.
So, why not buy the 805’s? I’ve thought seriously about them but concerned they’ll be kind of small for my room. Seems like I need floor standers. I’d like to keep any replacement speakers at $4k. I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of Dynaudio S5.4s for $4k but haven’t made a move in them yet. 
Any suggestions on a speaker selection or adjustments to my room or speaker wire are appreciated. To sum it up, I’m looking for more instrument detail with good sound staging either by making tweaks to my current set up or getting another flavor of speakers. Thx. 
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@mijostyn, Others have suggested Maggie’s as something I might like. They pop up for sale fairly often in San Antonio and Austin. Available now is a pair of Martin Logan Vantage. How close would those get to the 3.7i’s in detail or resolution? They’re also active so bass wouldn’t be an issue. @rgs92 I’ll look into the Karma but have also been thinking about DACs options available other than what’s in my C48. Going down that route opens up a whole nother can of worms. I also listen to a lot of vinyl and the would have to sell my C48 to get a phono preamp. I like the functionality that the C48 offers but everything is on the table right now. @sounds_real_audio what high resolution speaker do you have in mind for around $4k or so? 
Ha-ha, probably could have a whole thread about the difference between "resolution" and "detail."
But if anyone wants to take a stab at it should be a good read. :)
Treat the room first. Worry about equipment after. I went thru a journey with the same issue (s). Treated the room, dialed in the listening position & everything was magnitudes better before I changed out some critical pieces. Then we moved. I'm back to square one. So.... treat the room first. Good luck - its a long but fun process. Not terribly expensive if you are a little handy & have some basic tools.
" Designers are notorious for deliberately peaking and dipping FR to either draw attention to - or draw attention away from certain aspects of performance. "  Tuning a speaker to a "house sound" is one thing. If certain frequencies are all but inaudible as in the OPs case, thats another thing all together. If you paid a couple grand for a pair of speakers with frequency holes like that, you may have made a purchasing error.
I was thinking Maggies as well.  They are very directional and you have to sit with your head in a vice but they over loads of detail.  
I’m not a fan of Martin Logans...