Looking for my Final Pair!!

Been through the high end maelstrom for over 30 years and although I have enjoyed the ride, I desperately want to find speakers that exude dynamics, tone and presence.  I want to be transported to the Village Vanguard where The John Coltrane Quartet are performing any night I desire.  I want to feel the timbre of his sax 🎷. When I close my eyes I want to be enveloped by the atmosphere of the space and awash with the impact and emotion being expressed by the musicians.  I don’t want to hear what the engineers hear after they mix a recording...I want to be in the studio when the tracks are being laid down!  So far, Tannoy Heritage Arden have come to my attention, Klipsch Cornwall IV’s, JBL S4700’s or perhaps Spatial Audio X3’s?  Help
I love the Ardens with a Luxman A class. I have never had a setup where I feel like I a missing nothing .....  I am in scotland though so got them for £5k - if USA you might get more for your   buck from Klipsch Cornwall IV and by all accounts a similar great performance ....
Go to the Blue Note in NYC if you want live jazz.

I highly recommend Wilson speakers - I have Sasha 2's, but I have heard all of them and the Sabrina 2 is great for a smaller room at its price point.

Monitors are what recording and mixing engineers listen to, they usually seek neutrality in a speaker, but that may not be a good fit for you.
Another + for Magnepan they will definitely take you there. I have 3.7i in a 12x15 room and they sound magnificent. Adding a sub will help the bottom with the smaller models not sure it would be needed with 20's and 30's.
Pure Audio Project, similar to the Spatials, are an open baffle design with a modular construction allowing for some customization. I suspect you'd look at the horn tweeter for a good live reproduction of jazz. Someone else may prefer the voxativ version which really excels in capturing the human voice and orchestral midrange.