Looking for my "last" CD transport

Hello everyone,

as I am unhappy with my CD transport which is connected to my Linnenberg Satie DAC, I am looking for my "final" CD transport to replace it.

There is a limited market for new ones but I am also interested to get a vintage one if it makes sense.

Any ideas, suggestions?
Thanks for your help,
Purchased a Jay’s CDT2 MKIII about a month ago, it replaced a Pioneer Elite PD-95 transport and it is significantly better. I also purchased a spare Philips laser from them for $300. Tried the Audiolab first and returned it, the Pioneer being just over  20 years old was much better and again the Jay’s is superior to the PD-95.
I think it makes sense to choose a product from a brand that still
believe and support the format : Accuphase, Esoteric, C.E.C, Gryphon,
Audio Note(UK), etc. I am happy to see quite a few.

Some just keep a player to add a few sales but their interest is
long gone, how can you expect a great product ?

I also believe that CD playing is here to stay, It's a good thing !

A dream player must put in to the list is Emm Labs XDS1V2-V3, has got USB dac input and also reads SACD, really good one!
Many years ago i ran my Krell KPS 25c through a fairly expensive DVD. The sound was devastatingly bad. I can't dive in to details, but it was shocking! This is something i think of when i use my current transport.
Can't stop wondering if a really sturdy transport would give a serious lift or just cost money. 
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