Looking for my "last" CD transport

Hello everyone,

as I am unhappy with my CD transport which is connected to my Linnenberg Satie DAC, I am looking for my "final" CD transport to replace it.

There is a limited market for new ones but I am also interested to get a vintage one if it makes sense.

Any ideas, suggestions?
Thanks for your help,
A dream player must put in to the list is Emm Labs XDS1V2-V3, has got USB dac input and also reads SACD, really good one!
Many years ago i ran my Krell KPS 25c through a fairly expensive DVD. The sound was devastatingly bad. I can't dive in to details, but it was shocking! This is something i think of when i use my current transport.
Can't stop wondering if a really sturdy transport would give a serious lift or just cost money. 
I sell Technics that plays CD, SACD, MQA Coded Discs and does so very well. It's also a great network player. sunnyaudiovideo.com626-966-6259
Also regarding new gear especially CD Players these days. Most of what is available as a high end transport or a CD Player are pretty much throw away items. This is what our world is coming to. From retail to being a year old, they drop out of the bottom. They remind me of the Auto Industry. To me I don’t get wrapped up in that new technology is better. The question is to who it is better for. To me it’s better for the company or the industry because they get to make more money on us poor souls. If you feel you have to keep up with the Jones, have at it. If you desire a true value with some reliability and proven reputation, don’t limit yourself to just new unless you feel like donating money. You will end up back on the forum complaining how blew cash. My suggestion is make sure you’re you do your research and pick what’s best for you. Don’t end up like the folks who are obsessed with televisions when technology changes every 6 months and believe me, not for the better as a consumer. I hope this helps.