Looking For Neutral Tube Amp Recommendation

Looking for recommendations for power tube amp that is neutral (not analytical) for speakers that are very efficient: Power handling- 100watts; sensitvity-93dB @1w@1m; nominal impedance 8ohms; minimum impedence- 6ohms. Speakers can not be bi-amped.
I love the T+A M10 Amplifiers --
My store also just took in trade a pair of Audio Research Mono blocks the Ref 250SE
Very nice.

It would be worth your while to audition Coincident 211PP Dragon MK. II monoblock amplifiers. $11,000 new but I've seen them sell for less than half of that on the used market (although they don’t surface very often).

- all hard-wired
- 75W (Class A)
- One 6EM7, one 300B and two 211 tubes per channel

FWIW, Arthur Salvatore gives them his highest Class A ranking (review).