Looking for new speakers?

Greetings, I'm looking for some speakers that will shine even when placed really close to the rear wall. I'm working with only 4-8 inches of clearance. I have a Bel-Canto digital integrated amplifier 150/300 watts per channel and Polk Lsi9 speakers, but at such close proximity to the rear wall, they tend to sound bloated & boomy. I like jazz, r&b, top 40 kind of stuff. I'm looking to spend less than 5k.

Thanks for your time,

Mark :-)
Take a serious look at the Omega Super 8 XRS Alnico. I own a pair, and close to wall placement is not a problem. Oh yeah they cost $3500.00.
Hello try a pair of carolina jtm/2,I just picked up a pair, these are phenominal,they can be placed close to rear wall I have owned a lot of speakers through the years one of the true sleepers!
If you search "North Creek" you will find several germane threads with numerous suggestions.