Looking for new speakers for large audio room

I’m looking for new speakers that are big enough for my listening room which is 9x6 meters and my current speakers are Avantgarde uno series two loud speakers and not getting enough impact from the woofers.

I’m looking for speakers in the 30K to 20K price range.
I just bought a pair of KEF Reference 5’s.
so far they have been great!

All the best.

Here’s what I would do… at that price point, buy at least two, preferable 4 more Rel 812’s and stack them to do the stereo sub line array. Bass will never be a consideration again. It will blow you away and you will have no need to add anything else. Plus, it looks cool as sh!t…
The Ilumnia  Magister MK2: the best speaker I ever heard. My living room is practically the same as yours! Very beautiful dept: look at :  ilumnia.be