Looking for new (to me) Speakers for Leben CS300XS---Devore, Harbeth, or Reference 3A?

Hi, I am motivated to purchase one of these soon to use with the 15 watt Leben. I will be replacing my Zu's which are for sale here.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

DeVore Gibbon The Nines = $3.4k and a 81 mile round trip.

Harbeth C7ES-3 = $3.k and a 19 mile round trip. 

Reference 3A Episode BE = $2.7k and 36.5 mile round trip.

What would you do?


I’m driving the Tekton 2-10 Perfect Set with a 20 watt Schiit  Aegir.  $2k delivered for the Tekton’s.  You don’t have to drive anywhere.  60 day home trial.  Play louder than I would ever want, even for rocking out.

You’re really missing out if you don’t give them a try.
I have heard the little leben and devore at whetstone audio in austin quite a few time. and the harbeth for that matter. i prefer the devore with that particular amp
Strongly agree with the pack up amp and audition recommendation. If the list gets too big and needs some trimming, I would suggest sending it to Leben and asking if any options are particularly good matches in their experience. They've got more relevant experience than anyone in here.