Looking for non-boomy full range speakers

I welcome suggestion for the following: I have a small room (11*13) and want a full range yet "light sounding" speaker, floorstanding if possible. What I mean is I want frequency as low as sub-30 (27Hz would be nice) but bass and lower mids not too heavy, just there. Any ideas?
Currently running AP Yara and I need same "idea", just lower freq extension. BTW, I am trying to avoid the "speaker + sub" way......
I had fantastic results with the Hybrid Apogee Centaur Major in a 11 by 12 room. It was fairly easy to drive with the right mix of tight bass and beautiful highs that planners are known for. An absolute steal at 1200 to 1500 on the used market.
For all practical setup choices in that small room, you'll be stuck with boom in the 60,50,40 hz and bellow range mostly. You will otherwise have the speakers way out towards the middle of the room and in unreasonable spots to get flatter sound with a full range speaker. Also, that room won't support much lower than high 30hz anyway, from first glance. I think you'd better off with maybe a sealed speaker or more bass limited choice.
Basically, your only hope is to "EQ" the bass woofer on larger speakers, This becomes much more involved.
I'd go larger Book shelves and be done with it. The room/setup is going to limit the qualility of bass you get otherwise, not so much the speakers themselves.
Basically, you got trade-offs, or you gotta "tweak".
How much you willing to spend?