Looking for not too expensive Turntable

I want a vintage turntable for a second system with a tube amplifier. I read the Pioneer PL-12 is good sounding without any jitter due to being belt drive. I can actually hear jitter. I owned a direct drive TT and it had jitter. My Garrard 401 did not have any jitter either. Suggestions? Pioneer PL-12 good?

SP10 is not inexpensive.

Just ot make it clear:
the first SP10 does not have Quartz-locked speed control like all the later made and improved models, such as SP10mkII and SP20 
What's your budget.  Big price difference between a Pioneer PL12 and a Technics SP10 Mk2
Budget is $250 for this secondary system. My main system has a $1500 Garrard 401 in custom plinth with 12" tone arm.
How about a RekoKut idler-wheel drive? I have one in my collection and it does sound excellent with a good tonearm!