Looking for phono preamp suggestions

My system 
sme 30/2 with Dynavector 17dx catridge, cardas clear beyond phono cable with xlr termination ,
ayre kx-r twenty preamp ,
ayre mc-r twenty monoblocks 
kef blade speakers 
cardas clear cables for rest of system .
cureently using ayre p-5 Phonostage .
asking for recommendations for upgrading the phono stage .
requirements xlr inputs and outputs.
looking for more depth and separation in sound stage and more sweetness / magic/ romance 
Thanks in advance .

You may want to consider van den Hul’s The Grail SB phono preamplifier. It’s fully balanced, battery powered, has current-mode inputs and sounds lovely.

A professional review.
A youtube review of the entry level model.


van den Hul dealer
Get your self in front of the price appropriate, for you, Allnic and enjoy the music
@tooblue - is there Allnic phono stage with XLR inputs?  I am not aware of any.  Thx