Looking for phono preamp suggestions

My system 
sme 30/2 with Dynavector 17dx catridge, cardas clear beyond phono cable with xlr termination ,
ayre kx-r twenty preamp ,
ayre mc-r twenty monoblocks 
kef blade speakers 
cardas clear cables for rest of system .
cureently using ayre p-5 Phonostage .
asking for recommendations for upgrading the phono stage .
requirements xlr inputs and outputs.
looking for more depth and separation in sound stage and more sweetness / magic/ romance 
Thanks in advance .

Lots of good suggestions, to which I will add the ModWright PH-150 Reference Phono. This is a tube MC/MM unit with two inputs: single ended and balanced. Running a Lyra Kleos SL LOMC with excellent results. Service and advice from Dan Wright are a big plus. 
BAT (balanced audio technology) VK-12SE all tube, tons of gain, quiet, fully balanced in and out. Sound incredible. Built like tanks. Music direct and MoFi carry the line. 
The Coda 06X has balanced inputs and outputs. This may be an option worth consideration. 
I just received a PJL hybrid phono preamplifier. Under 300.00, I'm really amazed at the performance of this New Jersey made phono preamplifier. 

Check them out