Looking for phono preamp suggestions

My system 
sme 30/2 with Dynavector 17dx catridge, cardas clear beyond phono cable with xlr termination ,
ayre kx-r twenty preamp ,
ayre mc-r twenty monoblocks 
kef blade speakers 
cardas clear cables for rest of system .
cureently using ayre p-5 Phonostage .
asking for recommendations for upgrading the phono stage .
requirements xlr inputs and outputs.
looking for more depth and separation in sound stage and more sweetness / magic/ romance 
Thanks in advance .

The Coda 06X has balanced inputs and outputs. This may be an option worth consideration. 
I just received a PJL hybrid phono preamplifier. Under 300.00, I'm really amazed at the performance of this New Jersey made phono preamplifier. 

Check them out

I did an extended audition on Boulder 508.  The sound is superficially enticing but I tired of it.  It lacked depth, image and realism.  It sounded a little 'digital'.  Good digital, but digital.

I bought the van den Hul Grail after an audition of more than a month.  It costs a lot more but is worth every cent.  Superb presentation and uncannily quiet.  It is a match for all else regardless of price and so, in its way, is a 'bargain'.