looking for phono suggestions

I have a Rowland "Capri" with phono card. Looking to upgrade to a stand alone unit. Budget is up to $1500.This is the only one I have tried so I'm not sure how much better I can get for $1500.
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I suggest you leave Rowland alone for now and upgrade cartridge/table/arm. You have entry-level front end and mid-level preamp; the system is not well balanced.
Also, I am unfamiliar with your amp but would guess that if in the future you replace it with Rowland power amp that would be good. You have excellent speakers, and I know that they do sound very well with Rowlands. And good cables, of course.
I have owned several phono stages and also the Capri with phono. The phono in the Capri is top notch and quiet to boot. Why deal with the extra unit and cabling if you don't have too.