Looking for preamp recommendation

I am getting Pass Labs x250.8 soon. I would like to mate it with a tube preamp. I prefer the preamp to have a phono stage built in and balanced in / output.

I have always liked the way McIntosh C22 mkV looks. Do you think it would work well with the amp? My budget would be $5K to $8K USD.




@ghdprentice - awesome setups you have! 

Yes - I have always loved Audio Research sound, but the reference line is out of my reach at this point. I was looking at LS28 SE which I think is a top flight preamp, but still at $10K USD no phono is tough for me. 

The key question is what sound characteristics are most important to you.  Forget about being drawn into looks unless McIntosh preamps give you the sonic qualities you’re looking for.  Are you looking for more tube warmth and fullness or more neutrality with some tube magic?  That should be your determining factor, so if you share that info you’ll get some great recommends here. 

OP, go used. You can drop down to a level you can afford. If you look 5 - 10 years old. I bought used until I could afford new.

I have very effectively paired a Supratek as well as a Don Sachs tube preamp with a PassLabs X250.5 amp.  Right now I am listening to this amp being driven by a solid state SPL Elector preamp and hearing glorious sound.