Looking for really fine cables at really low price

I have been listening to excellent sounding Exemplar exception cables for the last several weeks. While my HFCables are better they are also much more expensive than the below $500 cables.

They offer an excellent sound stage, dynamics, and top to bottom quality sound. Not only are they inexpensive but they are very portable and easy to install.

I am not a dealer or investor in this company.
Jazz.....have you found any sonic differences between the different gauge WE wires? I just ordered 96' of WE 10ga and am wondering if it would be better used as speaker wire or internal wiring in amps and speakers. I'm currently running 16 and 14 ga wires in parallel to the speakers and love the sound.....dare I add 10ga to the mix? Most likely I'll save the 10ga for any internal wiring I might do and for power cords.

So true. 1000' of WE wire is less expensive than one pair many high end interconnects. That alone should be enough reason for me to order some more! 
if you remember old Yamamura wire that was basically the same wire as the WE (it even resembled the markings on the cotton ) just hand made with a bit better copper (6N), so you can also look for that..
I found 16' pairs of WE 10ga on eBay......tajacobs. I believe they have pairs up to 30'. Hope that helps. 

Im no wire expert by any means and don't know what it is about the WE wire that makes it so good, but the tinned copper they used might be preferable to the "better" 6N copper, but an alternative wire would be great as the NOS WE wire won't be around forever. 
As mentioned in another post, I prefer the WE10ga for speaker cables (single runs) and power cords so far, I am finished at least 4 variants for power cords and will test them after burning in. 

For sourcing, Wallace Jacobs (tajacobs on Ebay) is very helpful. Otherwise one need to resort to overseas markets like Taiwan and Hong Kong. Frankly I am surprised that there are still lots of WE left. 

Questions regarding AC plug/IEC:
-which pairs below $100 per set are your favorites? So far, I like the Furutech F11 (solid as usual) and Neotech NC-P311/P302 (not so solid but UPCOCC and cryo'd) which are currently discounted. 
-any better alternatives than the Furutech F-28 (r)?