Looking for recommendations for a pair of full range speakers for ~8k or under

What would your recommendation be? These are some of the speakers I have tested and liked:

1. B&W 702–S2 (new) - incredible for only 5k and I love the bass output with 3 drivers but the vocals can be a little harsh on some recordings. Maybe a good warm amplifier can help with this? I am also interested in the 702 Signature version going for 6.5k but not sure how it differs.

2. B&W 804 d3 (used) - Maybe my favorite of everything I’ve heard so far, better that the 702 in almost every way and not as harsh but I miss the extra output from the 702’s 3 bass drivers. I’m just not sure if it’s worth an extra 2-3k plus being used. I love that it goes lower though. Was seeing it used for ~7k online

3. Sonus Faber Sonetto 8 (new) - good bass and musical but Lacks some of the definition of the B&W - 7k

4. Sonus Faber Olympica 2 (used) - I loved this, much better than the sonetto in every way goes lower but lacks some in the bass output vs the sonetto. Was offered a trade-in in my local store for 6.5k

5. Sonus Faber Olympica 3 (used) - I haven’t heard this but I imagine It would be a perfect match for me with the extra bass driver and I’m seeing some used for under 8k online. 

I feel like my comparisons weren’t too good with very different rooms in different stores and amps so I am wondering what you guys would recommend of these options or if you have other recommendations either used or new under 8k. I can’t go too crazy though since I can’t spend too much on an integrated amplifier (~2-4k). Any Focal or other brands I should listen too also? I will also be using them for 2 channel home theater as well as music. I will likely be getting an integrated amplifier that complements the speakers I choose. I listen to a wide variety of music types and my room is about 14 x 22 with high vaulted ceilings. I appreciate any advice since I am new to high end speakers coming from a not so great soundbar. 
Check out Spatial Audio. Great full range speakers that can do so with just about any amp. Mine are getting 20 tube watts and can go deep, cast a super wide soundstage, and makes things sound uncannily real. They even make a version with self-amplified bass drivers for deeper bass. And they’re open baffle so the bass and everything else has as little room interaction as a speaker can have. 
New Record Day just posted a video comparing spatial against Revel and a few others using a binaural mic so you could hear how they reproduce piano and bass. The Spatials really do something cool in that department. Worth a listen and they’ll do a home trial as well. 
I own a pair of GoldenEar One.Rs. ..  full range and excellent soundstage.. worth a listen if you can audition them.. bottom line you need to hear a few of the above recommendations .. so many great options out there..

good luck 
Fact is what you enjoy most can not be discerned until you
have them in your home.

Buy nothing without a 30 day trial. Freight may add up but takes a
while to catch up to the cost of a bad purchase.

Lotta good choices above. Synergy counts so your trial period is key.

+1 on Tannoy!!