Looking for recommendations for a pair of full range speakers for ~8k or under

What would your recommendation be? These are some of the speakers I have tested and liked:

1. B&W 702–S2 (new) - incredible for only 5k and I love the bass output with 3 drivers but the vocals can be a little harsh on some recordings. Maybe a good warm amplifier can help with this? I am also interested in the 702 Signature version going for 6.5k but not sure how it differs.

2. B&W 804 d3 (used) - Maybe my favorite of everything I’ve heard so far, better that the 702 in almost every way and not as harsh but I miss the extra output from the 702’s 3 bass drivers. I’m just not sure if it’s worth an extra 2-3k plus being used. I love that it goes lower though. Was seeing it used for ~7k online

3. Sonus Faber Sonetto 8 (new) - good bass and musical but Lacks some of the definition of the B&W - 7k

4. Sonus Faber Olympica 2 (used) - I loved this, much better than the sonetto in every way goes lower but lacks some in the bass output vs the sonetto. Was offered a trade-in in my local store for 6.5k

5. Sonus Faber Olympica 3 (used) - I haven’t heard this but I imagine It would be a perfect match for me with the extra bass driver and I’m seeing some used for under 8k online. 

I feel like my comparisons weren’t too good with very different rooms in different stores and amps so I am wondering what you guys would recommend of these options or if you have other recommendations either used or new under 8k. I can’t go too crazy though since I can’t spend too much on an integrated amplifier (~2-4k). Any Focal or other brands I should listen too also? I will also be using them for 2 channel home theater as well as music. I will likely be getting an integrated amplifier that complements the speakers I choose. I listen to a wide variety of music types and my room is about 14 x 22 with high vaulted ceilings. I appreciate any advice since I am new to high end speakers coming from a not so great soundbar. 
Before you trash the Contour 60 try dumbing that Krell and get something that actually mates well with Dynaudio,geeez
missioncoonery  I tried already everything possible.  I connectred my Contour 60 to Mcintosh, Linn, Naim, and Krell. No way. they sound muffled, blurred, boxy, boomy, with boring mids and messy soundstage. In fact in the web you find one single positive review of this shiny sarcophaguses. They are made to kill music. I even tried to put them in a different, much bigger space with optimal tratement and with the 8K Naim amplification. No way. I even sent them back to dynaudio asking them to revise them. No way. I would not pay 300 euro for them today. 
I'm with the people above who recommended the Magnepan 3.7i's - great speakers and best value for the price.  I have three pairs of Maggies. If you like bass, you can add one or two REL subwoofers.  
They're the best subwoofers which are compatible with the Magnepans. 
I'm in full agreement with Rickallen and Audioman about Spatial. I've had the M3 Sapphires for about 3 months and they are really starting to come into their own. Soundstage is tall, wide ,deep. Amazing would sum up my description of them overall and I've had quite a few hi end speakers over the years.  Also if you have a question, about your room, etc.you can call Clayton Shaw, the owner and designer of the speaker and he will go over it with you. Great guy. I also recently got a hand written thank you letter in the mail, signed by Clayton and crew. Who does that?

Have you sought out to hear another pair of C60s? Really sounds like there is something wrong with yours. I heard them on an Octave integrated and they sound nothing like you are describing. Really pretty good although not the most exiting thing on the planet but very very listenable. 
I thought in their price range they sounded better than the Sonia Faber Olympica 2 I heard the same day. 
I think you identified in your opening post some excellent options. I’m especially fond of the SF Olympicas. I also recommend  the Maggie’s others already have called to your attention. One speaker I haven’t seen recommended, but think worthy of consideration are the Reference 3A Taksim. They don’t go as low as some of your other options, but they are extremely fast and musical. Given your initial prospects, you may find them an excellent choice.


Good luck!