Looking for recommendations for a phono preamp under $2k

I took my Thorens TD145 out of the closet, cleaned it changed belt and installed a new Ortofon Red.  I'm going to buy a phono preamp and would like some direction....$2k is the most I want to invest..Currently using a Schiit phono preamp.





Of course, you will get many responses from folks with their own personal choices, and in this case, I’m no different 😁

I bought a Hagerman Trumpet which I think is a wonderful phono pre for the money. I believe about $1,200~$1,300 new now (recent price increase, but shipping is free). Nice tube amp that will handle about any cart you can throw at it. Of course, tube rolling, as I have done, can take it to another level. I bought some nice old tubes and a linear power supply for it, and still a tick under $2,000.

It replaced a Mani for me BTW, and the difference is pretty big. The Mani is pretty darn good for its price though.

I don't have any complaints with the Schiit, but I don't have anything to compare it to.    I hadn't used that turntable in 20 years until recently. It sounded very good with the ortofon, so my audio compulsive thinking took me right to throwing more money at it!