Looking for recommendations for integrated with a more “organic” sound.

Hello all,

I hope that you are all doing well, and that I might tap into your collective knowledge base and experience to find a new amplifier. 

Current system includes Bluesound Node2>Denafrips Enyo>Dayens Ampino>Zu DW6 Superflys. I stream probabaly 95% but maybe 5% is vinyl or CD. I sometimes use it to watch movies in 2.0, but that’s not my main concern. 

I’m really enjoying the sound of this setup. Very organic with nice harmonic richness. Surprisingly good bass extension and smooth and pleasant highs. Imaging is good. 

What I would like to do is preserve that natural and organic sound, while also adding more inputs (Ampino only has 2) improving bass definition/control and impact, and perhaps elevating detail retrieval. I would trade a bit of smoothness for a bit more HF extension. A basic remote is also on the checklist. 

My budget is maybe $2500, but I’m not in a desperate position, I could potentially stretch it a little if I wait. 

New units are preferred, but I would consider used if it achieves my goals. 
I’m open to SS or tubes, but cost of the tubes is a concern. I’m susceptible to tuberoll-itis. Speakers are pretty sensitive, so mega-watts are not required. 

The system is in a medium sized living room which has 9” ceilings and is open to a kitchen and dining room, so there’s lots of volume. Most listening is at moderate volumes, but I’ve been known to crank it on occasion. Musical tastes are extremely varied. 
basically, I’m looking to maintain the organic tone and natural presentation while improving performance, adding input options (3 minimum) and adding remote. 

I don’t want a DAC, but a better-than-basic phono stage would be a bonus. I’m more interested in performance than features.

Is there anything out there that might fit the bill? 

Thank you in advance for your input. 



+4, or is it +5 for the Sugden.  It seems to cover all your requirements, and is especially organic.  My only issue is it is a bit noisy with my Cornwall 4’s, but they are super sensitive.  Wonderful sounding amp!


Tom, I'd give The Music Room serious attention:  well respected outlet with warranty.  It has Moon, ModWright, Unison Research, Lab 12 (to name a few) within reach or below budget.

Do not doubt me!


I bought the McIntosh MA252 for that very reason... it's a totally analog amp, and it sounds great... it even has a subwoofer output jack... One consideration is that it's only 100 WPC, although it usually tests at around 125 WPC... but since I'm an Old Fogey now, it's loud enough for me... I just got tired of surround sound and computerized multi-channel receivers that took an advanced degree in computer electronics to master...  the sound is smooth, rich, and yes, I would say, organic.... the only downside is the cost... you'd be hard pressed to find one used for less than $3,500...

I can't direct you to an integrated, but there is a lot to be had for much less than $2500 if a Power Amp is considered.

The Links Post 1683 with a Youtube Clip will give the impression of a Organic Sound,  if we are on the same Hymn Sheet.

The Links will show Two Builds that can offer the Organic Impression as I interpret it.

One Build is Low Watt think SET Watts the other will drive almost any load. 

If aesthetics are not the main goal, either of these builds with a EE's help should come in at less than a $1000, leaving plenty for a Pre-Amp.

All my Amp's used for many many years and up to the most recent are commission built for me, I have not looked back, when it comes to value vs performance, its a no brainer.



@chenry and many other

Many recommendations here for Sugden A21 get me interested mainly because of its value proposition. I am always craving for Class A sound. There are several version here: A21 (23 wpc to 8 ohms), A21ai (25 wpc to 8 ohms), A21SE Sig. (30 wpc to 8 ohms; 40 wpc to 4 ohms) and, in particular, their bass performance is sort of mixed bag and distinctive from each other according to the reviews:

(on A21ai) Even at their best, bass detail and drive were never among the A21ai’s strengths (Stereophile)

(on A21SE Sig.) Bass is powerful, controlled (TONE Audio Magazine); What I do wish for is more bass quality - quality, not quantity (6 moons Audio); With this amp, it was not speaker slam I heard but musical bass with air and space around (Audio Beatnik); Sugden miss a little in the bass compared to the Arcam (user feedback) and list goes on and on.

So, the bass performance on the regular A21 seems never being its strong suit and the bass on the more refined A21SE Sig. seems a mixed bag. I was not surprised by that because of the lower rated wattage into 8 ohms and NOT sustaining into 4 ohms (2 ohms is not reported) but wonder what is your listening experience?