Looking for significant upgrade from Oppo 105 to stream Tidal.

I am currently streaming Tidal through an Oppo 105D and am looking for a significant audible upgrade in the streamer and the DAC.  Oppo's Media Control ap has always been problematic so I will not miss that!  I don't like chasing reviews due to advertising bias. I do want to hear other people's real world experiences.  I am not sure if I want the streamer separate from the DAC, however, I want to be able to upgrade the DAC with future technological advancements if possible. Thanks to all responses in advance,


Although I don't yet have any real world experience with the recommendations below, both companies offer superior service.  I believe both owners will (if need be) log onto your computer and help with setup - or if there are ever problems in the future.

From all user reports, both of these will sound amazing!

Salk StreamPlayer Gen III

Sound Science Music Vault Player

I just got the Oppo Sonica DAC/streamer with Modwright Mods and it sounds fantastic. I'm sure that the stock Sonica sounds pretty good with new flagship ESS 9038 DAC chip. I see a shortcut to Tidal right on the Sonica app.