Looking for some new floor standing speakers

So I am in the market for some new floor standing speakers. I currently have Dynaudio Contour 20's, which I like,but I am looking for a bit more bass and, let's be honest, I am in the mood for something new. My current setup is a Simaudio ACE and a Cambridge Audio CXN v2, however, I have a NAD M33 on order (for weeks...). I listen to almost anything but rap and country, and just a little classical. I like Prog, New Wave, Grunge, and Jazz mostly. I've not auditioned much yet, but I'd like to get some opinions on what might be the best path or even if I should take that path :). I want to stay below $5k before trade-in and discounts.

The ones on my list to try are:
Focal 936
Revel F208
Goldenear Triton 2+

Love to hear any thoughts!

I have no experience with many of the speaker models mentioned here. However, I do have some experience with NAD amps but not the M33 in particular. NAD amps mate very well with PSB speakers since they are, or were, sister companies. I've heard more expensive speakers that didn't pair as well with NAD. Something in the Imagine T line may fit your tastes.
Other brands mentioned here may be a better choice but I'm just offering my opinion. Of course, the best option is to audition your amp with prospective speakers but often that's not possible. Good luck in your search.
I picked up my used Goldenear Triton Ones for $3000. Shouldn't be hard to find a price around there. Pretty nice speakers, I'd say. I have them connected to Bel Canto amps but you don't need 600 wpc. For your budget you might be able to find used Triton One.r or Reference speakers in the used market.

Note that these speakers have really nice sound stage and imaging, but only when set up right- plenty of room from the wall and toed in.