Looking for some synergy

I'm sure this topic has been tossed around before but I would like some tips just the same. My system consists of a Philips 963sa sacd player,Nad C420 tuner,Sugden C28 pre, and a DIY clone amp using 3886 chips. My spkrs are Epos ELS3 on 24" stands that are sand filled and spiked. Currently there is a Hiwire 700Ai ic between the sacd player and the pre,Anaylis plus oval one(I think I spelled that right)between the pre and pwr,and a entry level DH labs between the tuner and pre. My spkr cables are a 7 foot run of Paul Speltz anticables twisted. I'm know each cable has it's own merit and I like what each one does but I'm looking to use one or two cables at the most to tie things together. I listen to lots of acoustic jazz so headbanging is not an issue. I thank you in advance for any advice. Have a great Thanksgiving!
Just a note to add. After posting this thread I looked at some ic's I had laying around and found two pairs of Zu cable oxyfuel. These replaced the ic's between pre and pwr amp as well as the sacd player and pre. Much better! In fact I don't why I didn't keep these in my rig all the time. Must be the phile in me : ) Enjoy the music.