Looking for Speaker Recommendations


I am getting a new system and am looking for speaker recommendations. I will have a ma8950 and will, at least initially, be streaming exclusively. Focal and B & W are too bright and fatiguing. Wilson SabrinaX are good except for the price. Any thoughts? Thanks.


NSMT 100's!  They have a silk dome tweeter so you don't get the Klipsch/B&W/FOCAL sound on the highs and they are amazing at imaging, depth and tone.  They have a powered woofer so the amp only pushes the mid and tweeter. 93db efficient. I have owned Klipsch, focal, buckhardt and Zu's and these are end game speakers. Made in USA.  Here is Tea Jay's review link.  I have no affiliation at all with NSMT or any dealer so this is my honest listening expereience. I have the black front model with cherry sides.  Amazing speakers. Using a pass labs XA25 amp.  


They might be hard to audition, but if you're near enough to one of their listening rooms, give Legacy Audio a try.  Just the best I've ever hear.  Any of their models, just depends on how much you have to spend.  I own the Classic HDs.  Clear, non-fatiguing, accurate, efficient.  And nice to look at.

What’s your plan for streaming and where are you located? 

I’d say Revel Performa F228Be or used Studio2 ? 


And the old Legacy speakers such as the Signature IIIs are made for any type of music and easy to drive with smaller amps, even a 17 watt Sherwood receiver from the 1970s (how I auditioned them).   Used on high end gear, they are on par with $10K to $20K speakers.  I haven't heard the latest version but used, they sell for $1500 to $2300.  Great, deep, tight bass, open sound with rear ambiance tweeter, tonally colorful, not bright or veiled.  They are medium sized towers weigh 135 lbs.            


I'll add to the Vandersteen Treo recommendations. I'm not sure what the OP's reference to being too wide actually means but they are bottom ported off the bass driver and can be positioned relatively close to the wall or corners if needed. Dimensionally I don't believe they have a much larger footprint than many of the other floor or stand mount speakers. 

My system is in a small 13' x 14' room and sound great with all trypes of music and at low, mid and high volume levels.