Looking for Speaker Recommendations


I am getting a new system and am looking for speaker recommendations. I will have a ma8950 and will, at least initially, be streaming exclusively. Focal and B & W are too bright and fatiguing. Wilson SabrinaX are good except for the price. Any thoughts? Thanks.



You have a list of excellent speakers at their price points, and I'll +1 for both Rockport and Joseph Audio.

Beryllium tweeters, like in the Focal, are often reported sounding bright.  The B&W 800s tweeters also have a couple of Stereophile measured hot spikes in their frequencies.  

I was in the same boat, researching 6yrs to build my audio analog+digital chains from scratch. Speaker preferences are highly subjective, it's best to audition for yourself.   

Your favoring the Wilson SabrinaX seems to indicate you like detail, accuracy, neutrality without sounding clinical (lifeless), and the amount of bass energy you're satisfied with. 

Without the opportunity to audition, probably the safest choice would be Monitor Audio's Silver, Gold, Platinum lines.  They get a very large number of very positive reviews, and it would have been my choice at the $10k level.  Take a look at both Stereophile's measurements for Monitor Audio Gold 300 loudspeaker and the Wilson Audio Specialties SabrinaX - both are frequency flat/neutral especially in the treble region.   

If you want get something that can reproduce music properly I recommend JBL4367 if you have the space.

I don’t like to recommend brands because it sounds biased but your lost of speakers was underwhelming to me.

I think BBC speakers would be a good choice as well as Dynaudio. I tested and listened to about 10 different speakers a while ago, and none of them impressed me aside from Totems, in addition to the above. But it’s unique to everyone’s ears.


I agree with everyone who says "take your time" it will be fun to find the right components


I am interested to see what you buy.  We have similar music tastes and your no list of speaker is the same/similar to me.  I am likely going with a Benchmark DAC3 (has switching and volume control).  The Benchmark amp (I can easily pick up a second).  But, man the speakers are tough aren't they.  I listed to the SabrinaX and it was amazing.  Probably better then my room and ears can make use of for the money.  It is hard to find demos without traveling.  Please keep us updated as your look and listen so I can check out what you like.