Looking for speaker recommendations for CJ Premier 11A

Hi all,
   I have been out of the high end audio game for a while but itching to get back in. I am looking to get another CJ premier 11A or newer low output CJ tube amp. I previously had an 11A and a pair of 12A's. They were paired with Thiel 2.3's and I found the  combo ok. I believe if I had a more efficient speaker, it could have sounded much better. Don't get me wrong it sounded great. But us audiophiles are always looking or the next tweak. That said, Looking for recommendations on efficient floorstanding speakers that would would mate well with the Premier 11A. I have a friend who has Legacy SIG III's and they sound good although he is running solid state through them. But looking at the specs, they seem to be a very efficient speaker.

I open to any and all recommendations.

Thanks for reading.


       Thanks for the response. The room will be approximately 10 x 12, carpeted and one window with drapery. The room will be acoustically tuned with foam panels and whatever other tweaking it may need acoustically. I like it moderately loud and I believe I can achieve the desired loudness with the size of the room and an efficient speaker. But loudness is not a deal breaker. I will sacrifice volume for clarity any day. With a room that size, the speakers cannot be out in the room a whole lot. Budget is probably in the 2-3k dollar range, a little more if needed.


When I owned the CJ11a, i drove small Thiels and small Martin Logans with it.
Thiel 1.5 and ML Aerius to be exact. Very nice combo IMHO
In a room that small you should keep away from rear ported speakers. A sealed speaker like this Spendor would shine with Conrad-Johnson gear!
10’x12’is a small room.As long as you can move the speakers about 2’+ out from walls and room is treated ported speakers will be fine...If your set on CJ front end I would look at Dynaudio Excite X14’s(FANTASTIC small speaker with AMAZING clarity and resolution)or Reference 3A Dulcet BE...With CJ gear I would stay away from Spendor,Sonus Faber,Harbeth,Vienna Acoustic etc..as they are already warm sounding and IMO will be wayyy to syrupy...
Focal would be a good match for the cj 11a as they are fairly efficient with a resonable impedance curve.