Looking for Sub to pair with Dynaudio Confidence 20s

Hi! 20x20 room, looking for subwoofer pairing recommendations; 20x20 room, fair bit of glass with wood floors. Mostly audio, diverse tastes, will also play video/tv via 2 channel set up. Ideally, not a huge sub. Thanks! 


I don’t really understand why subs need to be "paired" with speakers.

Doesn’t the question come down to sub type, room size, style, and price?

After all, most subs will be able to assume the burder of reproducing frequencies below almost any speaker. That means that the fundamental question at stake in a choice of subwoofer has nearly nothing to do with speaker type and nearly everything to do room acoustics. This is how I’ve understood the basic situation.

As always try to get an audition.  I think SVS has some kind of trial offer? I have one larger sub but always wonder if I should have gone with 2 smaller ones. 

My Room is 13 x 19 I have had the confidence 20 speakers, and there was no need for a sub base. My room has a big picture window, hardwood floors with area rug. I also have some good room treatments. Very nice fast bold bass. Not sure what you have for an amp? I now have a set of confidence 30 Speakers, the base shakes my house. The difference between the 20 & the 30 speaker is huge. With the size of your room, you should buy a large floor stander.