Looking for suggestions

I'm looking to improve my system, especially speakers and streamer. My current system: 
Yamaha RXV-663 (we use 5.1 for home theater, surround cds & blurays)

Schiit Modi 3 DAC

B&W 684 series 1, bi-wired and bi-amped with Blue Jeans cables

streaming via pc

Our room is 16' wide and 13.5' deep, untreated, hardwood floor. The ceiling is 8'. Rear of speakers is 14" from front wall and speakers sit 4' apart. Seats are 10' from front of speakers. For some serious listening, we pull the speakers out toward our seats and wider apart to create a triangle. (I'm reading my way through Get Better Sound by Jim Smith.)

I'm considering these speakers:
Monitor Audio Silver 7G
Dali Oberon 5

Vandersteen Signature 2Ce III or 2Ce Signature II
Tekton Lore Reference with upgrades

Any feedback on speaker selection is appreciated.

Also would like a dedicated (or integrated) streamer to replace the pc.

I have about 5,000 albums digitized in Itunes and would like to be able to stream this music in addition to streaming Sirius, Amazon and radio stations from the internet.

I'm considering a Cambridge Audio CXN v2 as a streamer, but not sure how it would interact with Itunes, Sirius, Amazon, etc.

I could possibly stretch my budget to a

Naim Uniti Atom
Cambridge Audio Evo 150

Rotel S14

if I could find one of these used.

Again, advice on streamer selection is appreciated.

Finally, would Tidal or Quobuz enhance my streaming experience?

Thank you.






I had a bad experience with Qobuz. Bad customer service, bad UI

I am not in love with your speaker choices. Did you find these used?

I like Monitor Audio but the bookshelves mostly. 

I had the b&w 686s and they were pretty amazing, a little too bright maybe. But I don't see your choices as a big step up from your B&Ws.


My suggestions as always, for speakers of my taste: Dynaudio, Totem, Revel. Good value, each!

Thanks again for the time and consideration. Looks like I'll start with a streamer and a streaming service-Tidal or Quobuz), then possibly an AVR. Down the road, perhaps, speakers.

Peace and good listening