Looking For Technicans That Would Rewire A SME V

After a bit of thought and analyzing the current state of the used hi fi market I have come to the conclusion that getting my SVE V updated is going to be my best option for improvement of vinyl playback on my SOTA. The arm board and architecture limit me in tonearm selection, and as I look at the SME it appears to me to still be a solid all around design. After reading a bit it seems that SME most significant update was to fit it with an all silver wire. The serial number indicates mine is from the mid 1990’s, so it may or may not have this done already. It also appears that owners advocate for a single run of wire from cartridge clips to output cable.

I understand SME offers this service and rebuilds the arm. I also know that Alfred at SMEtonearms does so, however he will only rewire with Cardas copper tonearm wire. My arms appearance is in as new condition, and I have zeroed the tracking force and conducted the light puff of breath test and observed the travel though the range, and the light touch of paper to watch the vertical travel, and I see no hesitation in travel. So perhaps the bearings need a cleaning and lubrication, but I see no reason to replace them.

I am looking for a technician or company that will treat my SME V like a princess and perform the rewire. From European owners the wire of choice is Zavfino1877 wire, or perhaps the Audionote UK or Kondo silver wire, although that is reported to be quite a bit stiffer and some have concerns about affecting the travel of the arm.

I know Steve at VAS does a rewire with a Nordost cable that VPI has used in the past.


Other than that I am looking for recommendations on a company to do this. I did contact AudioMajik in the UK but they are full up with Fidelity Research arms to service and have declined. Have searched the web and not seen any recent discussions on this topic either.


Any recommendations?



Try this company: alfred.kayser@sympatico.ca . I purchased my SME IV from them, I know they also offer full SME rebuilds, see below.


I think Steve at VAS would be willing to use any wire or connector that you prefer. He and Ray are great guys - you might want to give 'em a call.

Had mine done two years ago by Alfred at smetonearms.com using ceramic bearing and the Cardas Litz wiring. More than happy with results.

Thing about the bearings is, what may seem smooth enough to you - isn’t.

I replaced the steel BB at the bottom of my Thorens TD125 Mk2 with a ceramic bearing and Thorlon (Torlon?) plastic disc after reading about the bearings Alfred used. There’s all kinds of data online about wear and longevity but what got my attention as applied to this application is how smooth the bearing surfaces are as compared to steel. Smooth means less friction means more freedom of movement in the TA lessening forces on the cantilever/stylus. It seemed like a no brainer.

There was a slight rumble I was hearing in the Thorens TT which got better with the Torlon disc, and is inaudible once I replaced the bearing, then I bought a sapphire disc to replace the Torlon disc for good measure.

I wanted the best performance possible from the SME V/TT combo. Even got an Ortofon Verismo to hang off it.


Talk to Alfred. He’s a fund of information, been at this for many decades, and ASK him about silver or whatever your choice is. And yes, it’s a continuous run from cartridge clips to RCA jacks. He claims - IIRC - a 3 or 6 dB gain by removing contacts and using better wire than factory (mine was older than yours by several years).

doesn’t hurt to ask.

I had my SME 309 rewired using Nordost cable (I cannot recall which if the top of my head and I am away from home so cannot check). The work was done by Loud and Clear in Edinburgh. I would have no hesitation in recommending both Nordost and Loud and Clear.