Looking for the next level in imaging...

I enjoy my system every time I sit down and listen. But as we all do, we get the itch to seek improvement!  I am intrigued by Omnidirectional speakers such as MBL’s, German Physiks etc. and breaking free from the head in a vice sweet spot to get better imaging throughout the room and better the imaging in the sweet spot!  I believe changing the speaker will deliver on this quest!  What speakers would you look at? Or would changing a component yield the result? Has anyone gone from the traditional dispersion speaker to an omnidirectional?

current speakers are Martin Logan Ethos

budget $20-30K...could stretch if something is exceptional


OP    budget $20-30K

You can buy whole system in below (with all cables). It is the cleanest, the most realistic and only natural audio sound in the world. Ask your spouse about below sounds. Alex/WTA


If I ever ready to stretch my audio spending, it would definitely be MBL101


hear what imaging is all about.

Sure would be nice if we could see what components produce such imaging.  Please post your components and maybe room photos with your profile.  Thanks.,.

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Borresen speakers. They do many, many things right and imaging is most definitely one of them.