looking for truly transparent affordable amp s

I'm looking for recommendations for amps in the 100 + watt area that are highly transparent, coming in under $2500 on the used market. I have 3 systems that include Meadowlark Audio Hot Rod Herons, BG Corp 520DX, and custom speakers similar to Legacy Focus using Eton drivers. The custom speakers are paired with a JAS Array 2.1 SET amp using 805 and 300B tubes. This is my reference for transparent sound. Source has ranged from a Consonance Droplet 5.0, to Modwright and Upgrade Co modded Oppo players (83SE), and a Cambridge Audio 851C (which I hope to have modded as well) all driving the amp direct. I don't like preamps. I'm looking for a similarly transparent amp to drive the BG Corp speakers and the Meadowlarks. I recently acquired a gainclone built with premium parts and love the sound; it's quite a clear window on the original performance. But it just doesn't have the power to drive any of the speakers to the levels I like to listen at so I'm looking for an amp capable of this level of transparency and detail, with sharply defined images. Any recommendations? I have Gamut on my short list. And may I ad that in the last few years I've had the following amps and none come close to the level of transparency I'm looking for:

Theta Intrepid (used to biamp)
bridged Pathos Classic One MK III
Wyred 4 Sound ST-500
Sim Audio I-5 LE
Consonance Calaf (tubed version)

Amps that had promise but didn't quite make it:

VAS Citation II EL34 monoblocks
Audio Zone integrated gainclone
Cambridge Audio 840W

Thanks in advance for your input
Aolmrd1241----thanks for the suggestion of the Taranis amp. The review sounded promising although the lack of RCA inputs seems odd

Jrinkerptdnet----all my sources have variable outputs (including a Revox tuner) and I seldom come close to turning any of the volume controls all the up so I'm happy where I am on sources (after I have the Cambridge modded that is). I've heard and read great things about the First Watt amps and demoed the Aleph 5 many years ago but have found that even my quite sensitive custom speakers devour lower powered solid state without mercy. On these speakers, I use a 45w SET amp presently and used 45w EL34 monoblocks a few years back with great results only very rarely running out of power but have had to listen at much lower levels to avoiding clipping the 2 gainclones I've had on these speakers (and the speakers are biamped so the amps haven't been asked to do low bass). I've thought about trying some of the high sensitivity speakers out there so as to be able to use the lower powered SET amps, and perhaps the First Watts as well, but I'm quite satisfied with the speakers I have but thanks for the recommendations.

Peter---the Liberty amps sounds very promising, pretty much what I'm looking for and the reviews speak volumes but no one tried the amps as monoblocks so would you please comment on the sound of the bridged B2b-100. I know that a single Pathos Classic MK III sounded significantly less involving that a bridged pair. Thanks!

For $430, you can build a Class D Audio kit amp, 125 Wpc. Very transparent, with great punch and detail. I replaced my First Watt M2 amp with it, quite happily.

Since then, I have made the amp into two bridged modules for 500 Wpc (though the modules share the same power supply). I also converted another Class D Audio CDA 254 amp into a three channel amp.

Cheap to try, great to listen to and enjoy. Not affiliated with Class D Audio, I'm just happy with my purchases.

Since you've already got an SET amp, consider looking at a number of P-P amp from Decware. I think you might mat need a little more power to than a SET to drive a multi-driver speaker.

The B2B-100 IMO sounds better if used as a mono block, not only do you get about 400WPC resulting in better MACRO Dynamics. Also, get more speed resulting in better micro dynamics. The good part is that you can always start with one settle in with that one, then get the second one later to step it up a notch. Going from Stereo to Mono is simply a matter of flicking a switch on the back and reconfigure the speaker wires.

Please note that if you want to use the B2B-100 as a mono bock it requires both nodes of the amp driven, i.e. a fully balanced preamplifier. Your OPPO have balanced outputs so it could be used for this application.

Good Listening

Second the Liberty B2B-100. I've had the likes of Bryston and McCormack amps among others in my system that were very good, but the Liberty was the most clear and transparent amp I've had in my system. Also, it's imaging and 3D soundstage capabilities are outstanding I think in large part due to the amps overall clarity and complete absence of veils. I bet it could paint some remarkable soundscapes with your time/phase coherent Herons. Given what you say you're looking for I can't see you going wrong, and I think Liberty offers a two week trial period so there's little risk in trying one at home. The only other amp I've had that rivaled the Liberty in these areas was the Rogue Medusa -- in fact the two sounded eerily similar in my system, but it's also more expensive. Best of luck.