Looking for Turntable Reccomendations

I'm looking for  and unpopulated Turntable reccomendations to pair with some of my existing analogue components. I currently own a Sutherland 20/20 phono amp with LPS. I also have an Origin Live Zepher 12" Tone Arm and a SoundSmith MMMC* Cartridge (Factory Upgraded). All very nice components, but I would prefer not to break the bank on plinth and platter. New or Used inputs!

Most of my listening is Jazz, R&B. 


SS Class A Mono Amps / PreAmp Tube / Efficent 3 way Speakers, Flanked by Duel Subs.

Thank you in Advance


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Yeah. I think I qualify!

Built some Bib enclosures for a pair of Fostex Fe168Ez that I assembled last night. 

Part of my love of this hobby is getting to listen to so many different speaker/amp combos. 

I do really love the Lenco. Such relentless drive to the music. 

Thank you all so much for your inputs.

Still researching, but will post with my purchase and experience.

Much Appreciated!!