looking for upgrade suggestions - 12,000 to spend

I am looking to upgrade my current system. I have $12,000 to spend BUT don't know what the most substatial/practical upgrade would be for the $$$.

Rowland model 10 amp
Rowland synergy I pre-amp
Levinson #39 cd player
Dunlavy SC-IV speakers
synergistic des. ref and FIM cables/power cords
2 ASC 16" tube traps - in the corners behind speakers
room size 12.5 ft wide X 18 feet long X 8.5 ft tall

I was thinking new speakers (Avalon, eggleston, kharma,talon,dunlavy)OR using the #39 as a trasnport and getting a DAC??

Can anybody make some suggestions OR point me in the right direction??
Thanks - Chris
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I agree with Sdcampbell and Onhwy61. The speaker room interface is of paramount importance, and optimizing it will likely yield greater significant sonic improvements than any kind of component upgrade would. You already have a very nice system.

I've also become a big believer in a high quality dedicated AC system to include excellent receptacles and good power cords that suit your taste. Good Luck, and Cheers. Craig.
So the analogue bug hasn't bitten you, eh!? For 12K, you can buy a first class analogue rig and really get the best sound from your already world-class gear.

Here's my suggestion:

Eurolab Premiere: $2100
Morch DP-6: 2300
Shelter 901: 1500
Krell KPE Reference: 2200

Note: Prices are approximate.

Good luck,
Chris, I would say upgrade by adding a turntable to your system. 12,000 smackers could get you a great turntable and LOTS of records. This is, of course, just my opinion.
Please listen to Professor Campbell! Oh, and raise the ceiling to 10'. (That should finish off the funds.)
Look Boss it's the "ROOM" Tweak the room and electrical. This is the biggest bang for the buck. Period! Your equipment is at such a high level of performance, that anything else would be small improvements as compaired to the "ROOM"

Good Luck