Looking for wider soundstage

My system consists of:

parasound a21+ amp for LF

rogue st 100 dark for HF

Aurender  n10

schiit Yggy dac

don sachs 2 preamp

legacy signature se speakers 

Looking for wider soundstage  room is not treated but it’s not bad and I have moved speakers around  Thanks for any advice  I have believed my amps could be better but not sure  thanks in advance 



OP--i echo what others have said, particularly @designsfx and @mijostyn . While we can't see most of the side walls you said the speakers are on the long (22') wall instead of the short (17') wall where they should be.  @designsfx asked about putting them on the TV wall but i would ask about the left wall where your big sofa is--what does that wall look like?  Let me guess--there's a window in the middle of it?  Not a worry, especially if there are symmetrical corners as @mijostyn said.  So can you rotate the room 90 degrees counterclockwise?  HT could go on wall where system is currently.  Someone else mentioned that you have reflection off the TV from right speaker and absorption from sofa on left speaker--that will seriously compromise soundstage.  Have you considered consolidating your HT and system to be together on the same wall?  One set of speakers instead of two (extra speakers in the room also compromises acoustics).  You have many issues, all with setup IMO, not your equipment.  Get Jim Smith's book "Get Better Sound"--full of very useful information pertinent to  your situation--it focuses almost completely on setup, including difficult rooms.  Best of luck--you have a great system and your components don't need to be changed

Wyoboy thanks for the suggestions. I am going through the process of figuring out what will work best if I continue using this room vs trying to find another place for the 2 channel stuff and just using this room for HT. I totally agree that my current situation is about as bad as it could be as many have let me know. Maybe eventually I can post pictures of a better configuration for the 2 channel listening environment. Thanks again.