Looking for Woody Allen movie old school music

Apologies if this sounds moronic. I am trying to find the singers and songs from Woody Allen movies such as Anything Else, Magic and the Moonlight, whatever. The ones that don't have published soundtracks. W loves it. Please help me out
Woody Allen,who just turned 79,might consider your reference to "old school" as a compliment considering his ongoing "romance with the past" and his constant return to "period" pieces.He seems to be on a roll,his films are making money and are mostly good to very good, and he still personally selects the music for his films and more important,where it appears in the films.
He has always had a gift for the right music for the right scene.This is a lesson that could be learned by younger filmmakers who pound you over the head with constant music.
Allen's passion and knowledge of music shows well in "Magic in the moonlight" and his use of early Jazz seems to fit just right.One thing I noticed immediately was all the Bix Beiderbecke recordings that sparked this film.Bix's cornet has a warmth and inner glow that reminds one of Allen's use of Louis Armstrong his his earlier films.The Bix material is from Okeh records and were reissued on Columbia in their "Columbia Jazz Masterpieces series".There are two volumes.This material is from the late 20's to the early 30's.He has also used Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang from the same period,singers Al Bowley and Ruth Etting as well as music from Django Reinhardt from the 1930's.He did use many 1930's Billie Holiday/Teddy Wilson recordings from the 30's in "anything else".
I would spend a little time on youtube and start digging into some of these artists and their performances,that is a great resource for auditioning this kind of music.
I am of the mindset that it IS moronic not have a bit of knowledge,understanding,and appreciation of the great music that is so admired around the world, and is one of America's greatest cultural gifts.That being said,it is simply GREAT music.Good luck.
Songs and artists are usually listed in the credits at the end of the movie.
Beleive that this would be one of the themes that you are looking for.It was used as theme in W.A.movie.'BlueJasmine' Jimmie Noone and his Apex club Orchestra, Blues (my Naughty Sweetie gives to me), from 1928.


More about him, if you are interested...