Looking into speaker upgrade/change?

Got it narrowed down to these three: 1. Audio Physic Classic 30  2.Revel F208  3.Aerial 6T. Room is 18X19. Listen to all kinds of music.Clayton Audio S40 amp. Marantz source, no vinyl.
Any advise from those who have actually heard these would be appreciated.

BTW, it's been a while since posting. Staying home has got me restless!
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Haven't heard any of them. Have owned Audio Physics Scorpios and loved them. They were just a little bass shy. Also owned a pair of Aerial 7Bs and loved them as well. They too were a little lite in the bass. Amps have always been class A ,Pass, BEL, Accuphase. The Clayton I have now is an upgraded older model to the latest specs.It's the best amp I've ever owned and I've owned a lot.
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I heard the Arial 6t at AXPONA 2019 with the Aesthetix Mimas integrated. It was one of my best-sounding rooms in the show. Not the most bombastic or overwhelming; just one of the most musical and involving.

I had the Aerial 7t in my room for an audition; they are wonderful speakers; but you're not asking about them.

Good luck with your decision!