Looking into speaker upgrade/change?

Got it narrowed down to these three: 1. Audio Physic Classic 30  2.Revel F208  3.Aerial 6T. Room is 18X19. Listen to all kinds of music.Clayton Audio S40 amp. Marantz source, no vinyl.
Any advise from those who have actually heard these would be appreciated.

BTW, it's been a while since posting. Staying home has got me restless!
Well, I don’t have the Classic 30 but I do have the Tempo Plus. I’m about 20 miles from the AP distributor and bought them from them. I went with the Tempos as they are better in a music only system. The Classic series was made to fit better in a hybrid music/home theater system.

 I think the Tempos are fun speakers. They have a nice warm tone and imaging is superb. That said, for the same price my Bache Audio Tribeca 002’s are better in that they are more coherent, have a natural sounding holographic midrange, and are easy to place. The Tempos are more picky with placement. If you are near Brooklyn you should go take a listen.
Great amp!  Clayton doesn’t get near enough attention IMHO.  Anyway, my tastes agree with yours on all the speakers you mentioned.  If that means anything, there’s a nice pair of Usher CL- 8571 lls for sale here now with the upgraded diamond tweeter for $3400 that are insanely good and ridiculous at that price.  Usher is another standout that flies under the radar here for whatever reason.  If they don’t work for you, there are Joseph Audio Perspectives (original model) that can be had near $6k that are also awesome with a smaller footprint, and you can get them upgraded to the Graphine version if you ever feel like it.  Given your amp and tastes these may be worth a good look.  Best of luck. 
I can't make a comparison to the other speakers listed but I love my Revel F208's. My Arcam SR250 doesn't seem to have any problems powering them for what it's worth. 
I love my Aerial’s but if you don’t have a big amp don’t bother as they will not come alive. My 7B’s have plenty of bottom end but it took me sometime to dial them into my room with the right cables, dedicated circuits, room treatment and etc. I know the 6T is a friendlier load than the 7B but with your amp I’d look at others on your list first.

I have listened to the Revel F208’s at local shop and those are wonderful speakers. Can’t speak for the AP but have read great things over the years on them.