Looking into speaker upgrade/change?

Got it narrowed down to these three: 1. Audio Physic Classic 30  2.Revel F208  3.Aerial 6T. Room is 18X19. Listen to all kinds of music.Clayton Audio S40 amp. Marantz source, no vinyl.
Any advise from those who have actually heard these would be appreciated.

BTW, it's been a while since posting. Staying home has got me restless!
I love my Aerial’s but if you don’t have a big amp don’t bother as they will not come alive. My 7B’s have plenty of bottom end but it took me sometime to dial them into my room with the right cables, dedicated circuits, room treatment and etc. I know the 6T is a friendlier load than the 7B but with your amp I’d look at others on your list first.

I have listened to the Revel F208’s at local shop and those are wonderful speakers. Can’t speak for the AP but have read great things over the years on them. 
Find a used pair of Vandersteen Model 5As.  Got mine in really great condition for $6000 a year ago.  All the bass you will need plus adjustable 11 band EQ and other adjustments.  I rebuilt a Luxkit Class A amp and it drives them easily and the sound is amazing.  So the amp really drives the mids on up and the subs in each speaker are driven but their own amps,  They are also not so larger that they will not work in smaller rooms.  I am not a Vandersteen fan boy either.  I am always looking for something better but so far I hear differences but nothing to make me change yet and I have yet to have them set-up correctly using the Vandersteen manual and test tones.  Maybe latter this year!

If you are a phile located person I am in Northern NJ come by for a listen, meet some great people, and I'll serve lunch.  Anyone in the area or visiting the NYC area is welcome.

Happy Listening.
Good evening all, had a chance over the weekend to get a pair of the Aerial 6T and the Revel f208 s. Got to listen to them both in my room with my stuff. Both of these speakers sounded great with my Pass X250.8 but the Clayton couldn't quite get them singing.
Another contender has entered the ring and that's the PSB Imagine T3s. So, It's between the APs or the PSBs. Will not be able to hear either of these so,any words on the PSBs?
BTW, I want to thank all who have contributed to my search.
I would use Music Direct...60 or 90 day trial period!  Also, be bold and put some freaking life into your system.  Try Klipsch or JBL....my 4429’s are more satisfying than my B&W 802D2’s were or my WILSON Sophia 2’s.  They are dynamic as hell, truthful in tone, soundstage like crazy and have a gorgeously buttery smooth warm full midrange!  You can also tune upper mid and ultra high frequencies.  Put on Coltrane or Jackson Browne live and you are there baby 🍼 
Between those two I’d probably go with the Classic 30s mostly because of AP’s 3D imaging prowess that I think would pair well with your amps.  But frankly, at that price level I’d choose the Joseph Audio Profiles over either as you’re getting the lion’s share of the Perspective’s performance at a huge discount.  Best of luck in whatever you choose.